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Embedded videos - iAndrew - 12-10-2018

Youtube and dailymotion videos do not embed properly, they show errors and broken links for the videos. I haven't tried the other video sites.

RE: Embedded videos - kawaii - 12-10-2018

RE: Embedded videos - iAndrew - 12-10-2018

Same video links play fine here but not on this site.

RE: Embedded videos - Justin - 12-10-2018

There are some bizarre issues with the parser (relating to HTML sanitization) that I've noticed but haven't tested extensively yet, so this could be part of it.

<span style="font-weight: bold;" class="mycode_b">an example</span>

RE: Embedded videos - iAndrew - 12-10-2018

They work on the newreply/newthread page inside the editor but they break once you post it.